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We are industry leaders that are actively involved in the community. At Juste Services, we pride ourselves in always putting our clients above all else.




Tax Services

At Juste Services, we keep up with changes in the tax laws and are always looking for new ways to help our clients keep more money in their hands, instead of sending it to the IRS. Whether you own a small business or are an individual, we have the skills to prepare your taxes in compliance with all Federal and State tax laws. We offer prompt, efficient preparation of all types of returns including corporate tax filings, multi-state taxes and individual income tax returns.


Public Notary

Be prepared to sign your documents with your notary:

  • Bring a valid, government issued photo ID with you when you visit for notary services.
  • Be sure to bring all of the documents that need to be notarized with you.
  • Be sure the documents are complete and ready for signature. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney. The notary public is prohibited from helping you to prepare, complete, or understand legal documents.
  • Some documents may require signature witnesses in addition to notarization. Please make sure you have witnesses, if they are needed for your document(s).

Credit Repair

A bad credit score can keep things such as a new home, a good job, and a car out of reach. We offer two solutions guaranteed to get your credit and your life back on track. Don’t Let Bad Credit Get In The Way of The Life You Deserve. Repair Your Credit Today. Achieve Your Credit Goals in 3-5 Months.


Insurance Broker

Whether you are looking to protect your home, auto, or business, we will take the time to assess your current and future needs while helping you stay protected for years to come. You will receive fast, personal attention from your insurance agent, from the first call to binding and renewal. Just Insurance Brokers will review all of your policies annually to make sure you’re still getting the best price and the best coverage available.


Document Translation

We focused on the quality, timeliness and accuracy of our language services. Our company offers outstanding translation and interpreting services in more than 200 languages. We have a team of qualified translators who have a strong understanding of the cultures behind the languages they work in.


Web Design

We chose WordPress as a content management system for all our projects. Once your website is complete, we’ll provide extensive training on how to update and use it—free of charge. Don’t know how code? No worries. WordPress is designed with the novice in mind. You won’t need any coding knowledge to manage your new site.

Why Choose Us

Fast return

The earlier you file, the faster you'll get your refund. Don't wait for the late crush.

Accurate filling

Professional, fast, and affordable income tax return preparation.

24/7 Availability

Our main goal is to provide services that are available 24/7.


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